2012 – March 8 – press release

GENERAL ATOMICS Purchases IMT Kits & Connectors

March 8, 2012 – Hayward, California
Valdor Technology International Inc. (“Valdor”) (TSX: VTI-V) is pleased to report that General Atomics has purchased Valdor IMT Kits and Connectors for harsh environment applications. General Atomics is also evaluating repair and cable extension applications for the Valdor Omega Enclosure. The Omega Enclosure is designed to accommodate multi-fiber cables and contain up to 48 cable connections incorporating Valdor’s unique miniature SP connectors; it is the highest-density enclosure on the market.

General Atomics (www.ga.com) is a nuclear physics and defense contractor headquartered in San Diego, California. General Atomics develops systems ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors, and advanced electric, electronic, wireless and laser technologies. General Atomics was founded in 1955 as a division of General Dynamics Corp. (“General Dynamics”) (www.generaldynamics.com) (NYSE: GD). General Dynamics is a U.S. defense conglomerate and is rated the fifth largest defense contractor in the world.