2015 – June 4 – press release

Valdor / TELEVAL Announce Management Team for Latin American Subsidiary

June 4, 2015 – Vancouver, B.C.
Valdor Technology International Inc. (“Valdor”) (TSX: VTI-V) (OTC: VTIFF) (Frankfurt: VZAA) is pleased to report that Valdor and TeleVal have created the management team for Televal sales and marketing in Mexico and Latin America. TeleVal’s executives include highly experienced personnel that have numerous years in the communication industry and whose clients have included Huawei, Tellabs, Telmex, Telcel, CFE, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), CABLEVISION Mexico, Maxcom-Telefonica, Ericsson, Movistar Mexico and Alcatel-Lucent.

TeleVal’s management and executives include:
  1. Jaime Alejandro Gomez Nunez – President
  2. Jose Luis Villanueva Vazquez – CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  3. Hector Oscar Gomez Gonzalez – CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  4. Arturo Martinez Arredondo – CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  5. Miguel Angel Jimenez Rotunno – Sales Director
  6. Jesus Joaquin Sanchez Castellanos – Manufacturing Coordinator

1. Mr. Jaime Alejandro Gomez Nunez – President

Mr. Gomez has extensive training and/or experience in a wide variety of areas spanning: financial tools such as accounting and auditing; international business; business loans; analysis of macro and micro economic areas of the financial sector; banking; sales; purchasing; budgeting; fiber optic infrastructure delivery; management of communications; negotiations; legal frameworks; capitalization; strategic management of telecommunications company services; procurement; logistics and distribution; corporate governance; credit analysis; international management; sales factoring; joint venturing; networking and network management; and labour law.

Since January, 2008, he has been part owner and a Senior Executive with Inteligencia e Infraestructura En America S. A. (Inteligencia), Valdor’s JV partner. For the ten years prior to start-up of Intelligencia, he held an executive position with Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex). He has also been employed with Banco del Atlantico (securities group), and PEMEX. In academia, he has held the position of Assistant Professor of Engineering.

2. Mr. Jose Luis Villanueva Vazquez – CEO

Mr. Villanueva is a Chemical Engineer with more than 47 years of experience in research & development, marketing, sales, manufacturing, planning, human resources and administration. He has held managerial positions with several companies including COMEX, DuPont and Monsanto Groups.

Since 2013, in anticipation of deregulation in the telecom industry, he has participated in the formation of Mexican companies focused on the new and expansive opportunities in the Mexican and Latin American telecommunications markets.

3. Mr. Hector Oscar Gomez Gonzalez – CFO

Mr. Gomez obtained an Accounting B.A. from Universidad La Salle and an Accounting B.D. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He holds a Diploma in Tax Law from the Universidad Panamericana. He also has credentials in, and has studied in, several other fields. He is a member of the Mexico City College Board of Accountants, ex-member of the Representative Committee of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants (with the Institute of Social Security and INFONAVIT). He teaches business courses at the Mexican Institute of Fiscal and Business Expansion, lectures on educational TV programs and is an ex-taxation professor at the Universidad La Salle. He has been an auditor with the Office Roberto Casas Alatriste Coopers & Librand (now PwC); franchise comptroller of Coca Cola Femsa in the Valley of Mexico and its Fiscal Manager of refreshments; and tax consultant to the Mexican Customs Agents Confederation and the Customs Brokers Association of Mexico City International Airport. He has been an advisor and business consultant to various IT and business sector companies, including: Atlantis; S.A.P.I. de C.V.; Verifitec; S.A. de C.V.; Promo Red International; S of R.L. de CV; and Managing Partner of the business development consulting firm Gomez Seemann, S.C.

4. Mr. Arturo Martinez Arredondo – CTO

Mr. Martinez has an M.D. in Telecomm Administration and is an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate of ITESM. He has 18 years of experience in the construction and sale of infrastructure for IT and communications. His project management responsibilities have included: design, permitting, installation, operation and maintenance of more than 20,000 Km of optical fiber networks in Mexico. Clients have included: Axtel, Alestra, Bestel, MetroRed, Maxcom, American Tower, Telefonica and MCM. His involvement in optical fiber networks have given connectivity to POPs, data centers, co-locations, mobile backhaul, businesses, hospitals, universities, financial institutions, government agencies, and private homes. Mr. Martinez has management experience from more than 3,000 projects involving more than US$250 million of CAPEX for IT and communications infrastructure. His duties have covered engineering, inspection, information systems, contracts, legal and regulatory, infrastructure swaps, and transport and CPE equipment.

5. Miguel Angel Jimenez Rotunno – Sales Director

Mr. Jimenez is co-founder of and a partner in the company Politubos De Mexico Sa De CV which specializes in telecommunications, construction, electronics, hydraulics and polymer concrete. He has been involved with implementation of drinking water networks in Mexico and development of fiber optic networks for Ericsson and Telmex. He has developed new CFE records for infrastructure networks for the Federal government in Caminos y Puentes Federales de Ingresos y Servicios Conexos (CAPUFE) and Scotland. He has standardized products at airports to free runways and hangars of water and has worked with airport designers to implement tactile guides for people with disabilities. His formal education has included courses at Universidad La Salle.

6. Jesus Joaquin Sanchez Castellanos – Manufacturing Coordinator

Mr. Sanchez has been Commercial Director with Inteligencia for the past 2 1/2 years, during which time he was responsible for public relations, customer services and purchasing. Prior to joining Inteligencia, he was involved with sales, market research, training and customer service, with various investment banking firms, at the middle management level.

* Study by the “Cooperation Organization for Economic Development” on the Mexican telecommunications industry & Mexican government website “Instituto Federal de Telecommunicaciones” (ift.org.mx)