Carrier networks are defined as a network, or series of networks, providing connectivity to cities, towns, or other entities on a large scale. Communications service providers use these networks to distribute very large amounts of bandwidth over long distances, providing the communication necessary to support premise networks and central office, and all other communications and broadband services offered at the end residential, business, or institutional level. Commonly referred to as the ‘backbone’, these networks transmit and distribute a large portion of all the communications taking place around the globe. While some carrier networks are built entirely on fiber optics, certain legacy copper systems still exist. However, with the recent industry push for FTTx, fiber is now being extended further down the network line to support higher bandwidths and additional services.

Valdor products are designed to support these mission critical communications systems by ensuring each trunk cable, enclosure, drop cable, or custom application product meets or exceeds the highest performance and durability requirements. In addition to the standard network products we offer, we can also do custom design, development and manufacturing services to meet your exact requirement.