For over 20 years Valdor Fiber Optics has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying innovative interconnection products for the military.

​Military fiber optic applications are highly specialized, often with very specific project and scope requirements. Valdor has the resources, expertise, and experience to design, develop, manufacture, install, and maintain the ideal fiber optic product for your application.

​Rugged packaging and technical breakthrough make Valdor’s field-installable mechanical connectors and splices ideal for quick emergency repair for security equipment or machinery. Both rugged flexible and rigid enclosures are available.

Valdor’s all-mechanical IMT connectors are rigorously tested for harsh and rugged military environments by our customers. Other key applications include emergency fiber cable restoration for tactical robots. Technicians can repair broken fiber cables on-site and be back in operation within minutes, reducing costly downtime.

Valdor’s HeptoPort™ 7-fiber technology offers the highest density per surface area to interconnect multi-fibers in the field at a significant cost savings to the customers. This multi-channel connector utilizes the breakthrough 2D self-alignment concept. Please contact Valdor for custom applications. Valdor supplies Remotec, a division of Northrop Grumman, with a complete line of IMT Field Repair Cable Enclosures and Field-Installable Termination Kits. Remotec is a global leader in mobile robotic systems for hazardous-duty operation. These Field Repair Cable Enclosures with Valdor’s high temperature SP Miniature Connectors are ideal for emergency restoration when cables are deployed for data/telecommunication and for bio-chemical sensors.

Remotec: fiber optic client
This is the splice the tactical robot users have been waiting for. In the past when the fiber breaks during a mission, the operator had to go down range and replace the fiber spool which is located on the robot. This can be hazardous if an Explosive Device is in the claw. By using the Valdor Splice, the operator can go down range and retrieve both ends of the broken fiber and bring it to a safe location and splice the cable in under ten minutes.
– Mr. Royce Hollman, Service Manager for Remotec

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