Today Service Providers compete in a market with great pressure to maximize revenue through a wide variety of service offerings. Their ability to decrease costs, increase margin and consumer value through efficient network management has led to an industry service trend known as TRIPLE PLAY.

The deployment of broadband access networks bringing optical fiber near or to the customer premises (FTTx) and new in-home distribution technologies are integral to this evolution. Valdor is setting the standard for deployment of fiber to the home allowing service providers to migrate their services: VOICE, VIDEO and DATA.

VALDOR takes pride in high quality infrastructure for the last mile of FTTx deployment. Building partnerships with carriers and large enterprise will allow them to install the highest quality fiber networks.

The emergence of the 21st century has seen a significant increase in the use of data centers.

The telecom sector has recognized the central office as the core of a telecom network and there has been an incredible amount of evolution over the years. Today there is movement for data centers to become the central offices of the future. With fiber being tested and verified by telecom carriers and service providers over the past 20 years, the data center manager has taken major steps in assuring the quality of the fiber in their data centres will be the only way we can continue to create an exciting future using the cloud.

VALDOR’S focus is to help clients implement high quality networks with the use of fiber in their deployment of these cloud services.