A Massive Global Market Opportunity

Global Telecommunications Revenue:
Mobile : $963 billion
Fixed Voice : $277 billion
Fixed Broadband : $217 billion
(total: $1.5 trillion – 2013)
global telecom revenue 2015: $1.5 trillion
The global fixed market
The fixed communications market is valued at around US$500 billion. Over the last three years, revenue from voice services has declined as the demand for traditional fixed line calls has remained static at around one billion users. In contrast, revenue from fixed broadband or internet usage on the PC is growing with an estimated 650 million customers worldwide – an increase of nearly 30% over the last three years. This growth has been spread across all forms of broadband – DSL (copper), cable and fibre, and within this, there is a growing preference for the high speed capability provided by cable and fibre.
source: Market Overview, VodaPhone Group PLC (2014)