Fiber-to-the-home (also called fiber-to the-premise or fiber-to-the-desktop) is considered the home user’s dream as it would enable service providers to offer a hefty selection of services including high-speed Internet, broadcast cable television, direct broadcast satellite television, and additional two-way video-based services. To do this, the fiber-to-the-home solution is deployed over what is called a passive optical network (PON). This distribution network is provided by a single optical fiber running to the home, as opposed to stopping at the curb and being carried to the home by coaxial.

In addition to the wider array of services, fiber optic cables also can transmit data at over 2.5GB per second. It is expected that this type of residential fiber to the home service would transmit data roughly 100 times faster than your current cable or DSL service can. Which is why fiber-to-the-home is a dream for many — especially for online gamers who need every bit of bandwidth and speed they can get for playing online and multiplayer 3D games.

fiber to the home